In order to accommodate the needs of the family of four, the existing house with a traditional opaque layout was updated. An overhaul began at the entry as modifications were made to create an inviting atmosphere for homeowners and visitors alike. To further increase users' mobility and connection between areas of the home, an obstacle that secluded the kitchen from it's backyard entrance had to be gotten rid of. In doing this, a greater sense of fluency was achieved on a single level – namely the ground floor. When brainstorming ideas for their home renovation project, the architect and owner recalled a cherished memory from university: gardens that their friendship blossomed in. After realizing it would be impossible to bring an outdoor garden inside, they decided to transform the original staircase's opaque envelope into a vibrant vertical garden. With its walls removed and the floor slabs recessed, this innovative indoor interpretation of nature is now available for everyone within the family and visiting guests to share in. Blending engineering skill with a love of gardening, this vertical garden gives life to a classic home renovation project and stands as proof that creative ideas can revolutionize not just one house, but many lives. In parallel, the vertical garden was combined with architect’s continuing theme of multi-story bookshelf—a design device that became popular in her previous project “CZ7 Loft” in Amsterdam. The treasured travel souvenirs on display, as well as the personal book collection, can be enjoyed both in the dining area and on the steps behind the bookshelf. The subtle use of ash for the bookshelf bones creates a scene in which the bookshelf and vertical garden grow naturally out of each other, giving birth to a playful and unique backdrop for not only family gatherings around the dining table, but also public live broadcast and media interviews by the owner. The kitchen island, on a special note, is uniquely crafted with mechanical and woodwork details, so that the dining table can slide out of it for formal dining, or slide back in and disappear, freeing up ample space needed for play and social occasions.

Photographers : Khang Wei Soong
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