150 sq.m.




This is an upwards extension atop an existing two-story terrace house located on an artificial island in the IJ Lake of Amsterdam. The existing narrow and long typology was originally designed to give smaller families a much-needed starting point. As their family grows and their needs expand, the parents would like to extend a quiet loft primarily for themselves, containing second living room, master bedroom and an office. To response to the programs and compact footprint - it put forth creative solutions and methods to economically maximize functionality. Open, shared and interconnected spaces sought to bring various rooms together without sacrificing workable area, and an airy atmosphere was achieved by manipulating the volumes of space and incorporating copious amounts of light. The thoughtful use of narrow flow of spaces, large windows, and strategic placement of a wall of bookshelf further added to this ambiance of spaciousness within the confines of a limited area. In effect, boundaries were pushed to create a truly remarkable example that serves as a model for sustainable and efficient building practices.

Photographers : Sonia Mangiapane & P.L. Pang
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