CZ7 Loft

This is an upwards extension of a narrow family house located on an artificial island built in the IJ Lake of Amsterdam. The extension was decided to be the parents’ space or a duplex loft apartment.  The design’s response to the compact footprint was employing open and shared space to maximize their functionality and to create spaciousness. An array of en-suite bathroom, mini-library and staircases within a 4.5m wide zone has achieved a high dimensional efficiency; this was achieved by integrating the bookshelves with the three-storey staircase, turning the circulation and staircase into mini-library and turning part of the bathroom as circulation.

The North-west garden facing double volume living space is designed with generously sized glass windows. The neighborhoods and sky scenes, changing with the time of the day, and season, wash right into and through the house to the bedroom on the South-east, via the full height sliding doors in the middle zone. The 4th floor was designed as an office space, enjoying air and light from the double volume living space and the terrace facing the street.

Project details:
  • Client: private
  • Project Started: July 28, 2013
  • Completed on: August 18, 2014
  • Category:
  • location: Amsterdam
  • Area: 73m²
  • photographers: Sonia Mangiapane, P.L. Pang