3 Courtyards House

Typical link house in Malaysia is deep, dim and overheated due to lack of natural ventilation and light. Relying on air-conditioning become a necessity and that result to high emission of greenhouse gases.

The design strive to create thermally and spatially comfortable and healthy living space. The strategy deployed is  to turn the house inside out, while a strong edge on the exterior facade is maintained for privacy and security.

Three small courtyards punctuated at a triangular position,  giving  every room opportunity to connect to green, lights and fresh air again, make the planning of the house less rigid and open up possibilities, making small and narrow space more spacious, usable and enjoyable.

The typical link house is constellation of rooms not spaces, the reorganisation of  this house intend to achieve the reverse. Original walls demarcating various living spaces and enclosing the stairs are omitted, spaces are reorganised around the  inserted outdoor space. Smart use if flesible sliding doors and furniture achieve multi-functional spaces and let’s the spaces be defined by its’ volumes, relations to the lights and gardens, not walls.


Project details:
  • Client: private
  • Project Started: January 01, 2015
  • Category:
  • location: Subang, Malaysia